Thursday, March 29, 2012

Maneuvering into the tight spot

   The driving skills I have been acquiring really came in handy today when we arrived at our campground east of Los Angeles to find the site we had been assigned was not going to give us satellite access for the trees.  We asked the manager if we could relocate, which caused George to turn the coach around to approach a back-in on the other side of the park.

   My gut told me that George needed to pull further forward before he began backing into this rather tight spot, but he started back despite my forward signal and I thought it would be okay so we proceeded -- WRONG!  The next thing I know we are straddling the street with the mud flap folded forward and the bottom of the radiator about to make contact with the concrete.  I stopped George and asked him to get out and look over the situation and, with the help of a kind neighbor, we managed to hold the mud flap up to keep it from damage against the pavement as George inched forward to correct this approach.

   As George proceeded to explain to me how I should direct him into the spot on the second try, I asked if it might be easier if I got behind the wheel and followed his direction.  Dennis Hill, the former owner of the RV School, always suggested that as crazy as it seems, the more experienced driver should be on the ground directing the less experienced driver into the site, and I have to admit that today's encounter made a believer out of us!  And our new neighbors were more than impressed -- I even got a "bravo, bravo, bravo!" from the lady.

      Note to self -- first instincts are usually right, even if you're not sure of the reason.  And, my first instructor, Dennis Hill, is one smart dude!  We are believers in his method and are going to heed his excellent advice from this day forward!  And now we can enjoy a relaxing evening, despite the challenges presented by backing into a rather tight spot.

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