Monday, March 19, 2012

Women Drivers

   George gave a seminar for women only at the Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma, Arizona, recently.  There were about 30 women in attendance (and a few men, too).  Approximately one fourth of those in attendance drive their RVs regularly and a small number drive only occasionally, but the majority of the women indicated they never drive it.

   Sadly, we often hear from women wanting lessons only after their partner becomes incapacitated or worse.  We just returned from Quartzsite, Arizona, where we helped a delightful lady who was competent but afraid to drive and her husband was no longer capable of doing the driving.  

   There still seems to exist that negative preconceived notion of the "woman driver" in the mindset of some men.  Even sadder, some women I have known even buy into it!  I personally think women today, having driven carpools and "Mom's Taxi" to soccer practice, choir, etc. are exceptionally good drivers.  Most of us were driving well before we met out spouses and often have better driving records to prove it.

   It may be time to gently remind the husband when he expresses these kinds of doubts.  If you can drive a car, you can probably drive the RV!  And, wouldn't it be good to know how, just in case it became necessary?

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